söndag 30 juni 2013

Mixed media -My way


Today I've tested to use marker pen on a mixed media Project. 

It worked very well and I'm allmost satisfied with the results. I'm Swedish, we don't get satisfieded whit anything we do. Just what other people does;-) 
 I started to doodle with markers of different brands and color. As some of you might know I bought my first marker pen for almost 25 years ago! Now, I feel very old ;-) And brand has come and goes.  So I can almost start a history guide of marker pen.  

After the doodling I soften the color with same Gesso and water. 
I  allso glue same pieces of a die cut net and put same more gesso on it.
Then I start to mist with a couple of homemade mist and a couple of masks.
When it was completely dry I make same arrows whit marker pen and also use the pen to make same fake shadows.
Meanwhile the book page was drying, I coloring the girl and the flowers.
The frame is covered with embossing paste and same textile powder, that I even don't know what it's called in Swedish.
I want the page the book to keep flat so I don't use any high flowers or anything else how get high to the page.

Have a nice evening

Hugs MarieG

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